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At Hariom Home Nursing Services, we understand that patients who require medical care often need additional assistance and support during their hospital stay. That’s why we offer hospital attendant services to provide personalized care and attention to patients in a hospital setting. Our team of skilled hospital attendants is trained to provide compassionate and attentive care to patients, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Our hospital attendant services include:

  • Personal Care Assistance: Our hospital attendants assist patients with activities of daily living, including bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting. They ensure that patients are comfortable and maintain their dignity throughout their hospital stay.
  • Mobility Support: Our hospital attendants help patients with mobility issues, providing assistance with walking, transferring, and positioning in bed to prevent pressure ulcers.
  • Medication Reminders: Our attendants ensure that patients receive their medications on time, following the prescribed schedule provided by the medical staff.
  • Meal Assistance: Our hospital attendants help patients with meal preparation, feeding, and ensuring proper nutrition intake as directed by healthcare professionals.
  • Emotional Support: Our attendants offer emotional support to patients, providing companionship, active listening, and a friendly presence to alleviate anxiety and loneliness during their hospital stay.

Our hospital attendants serve as a communication link between patients and the medical staff, ensuring that patient concerns and needs are effectively conveyed to the healthcare team. Our hospital attendants are dedicated to delivering high-quality care and maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for patients. They work collaboratively with the medical staff to ensure seamless coordination of care.

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