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We offer a wide range of specialized care services to cater to the specific requirements of our patients. Our specialized care services encompass various medical conditions and specialized treatment modalities.

Our Specialized Care include:

  • VITAL SIGNS MONITORING: Vital signs are useful in detecting or monitoring medical problems, Vital signs can be measured in a medical setting or at home, at a site of a medical emergency, or anywhere according to need.
  • MAINTAINING PERSONAL HYGIENE: Good personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves and others from many illnesses. Such as-
  1. BATHING – Cleaning your body daily with soap and water to keep odor free.
  2. SPONGING – Sponge baths, or bed baths, are used to bathe people who are bedridden or unable to clean their own bodies due to health reasons. Giving a bed bath involves washing and rinsing the entire body one section at a time while the patient remains in bed.
  3. DIPPER – Maintaining perineal hygiene after passing stool is necessary to prevent skin irritation.
  4. BRUSHING – Oral hygiene is also important to prevent dental caries and other oral infections. Brushing your teeth twice a day is one of the good habits.
  5. PERSONAL THERAPY – Active and passive exercise, Help in ambulation from bed, walking with the help of a walker, and shifting from wheelchair to toilet.
  • DRESSING: Wound dressing has been used to clean, cover, and protect the wound from the external environment. A wound dressing must provide a moist environment to remove the excess exudate, avoid maceration, protect the wound from infection, and maintain an adequate exchange of gasses.
  • IV AND IM INJECTIONS, IV FLUID: Iv infusions allow a set amount of medication to be administered in a controlled manner over a period. IM injections are given deep into a muscle where the medication is then absorbed quickly by surrounding blood vessels.
  • ENEMA: Enema can treat constipation and clear out your bowel.
  • URINE CATHETERIZATION: Catheterization is a way to completely empty the bladder.
  • RYLES TUBE INSERTION: A nasogastric tube (NG Tube) is a special tube that carries food and medicine to the stomach through the nose. It can be used for all feedings or for giving a person extra calories.
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