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37, Indrapuri Colony, Sitapur Road, Sai Dham Mandi, Lucknow, 226020

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For improving your child’s and any pregnant lady’s nutritional part, ‘Hariom Home Nursing Services’ is offering you with our Best Nutritional Care Services at Reasonable Rates. We are conscious about your and your child’s health. Our focus is on taking care of you with the help of our team.


  • Diabetes Management: For maintaining the levels of your blood sugar (blood glucose), ‘Hariom Home Nursing Services’ provides you Quality Diabetic Care with the cooperation of our experts.
  • Heart Management: We are here to protect your heart from different types of diseases through our Nutritional Care Services. With our very knowledgeable team, we care for your heart.
  • High Blood Pressure Management: The disbalance of your blood pressure may be the cause of your weakness. It is because of the lack of nutrition in your body. Our Nutritional Services may help you.
  • Digestive Management: For solving your digestive problems, you need to balance nutrition in your body. In your emergency, we provide our Best and Well-Experienced Team to care for you.
  • Obesity Management: Obesity is the primary problem for a sick person. With the help of our Great and Skilled Team of ‘Hariom Home Nursing Services’, we take care of your obesity issue.
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